Bolesław Chrobry – 1938

When the Germans besieged Warsaw, a bomb shattered this building, the ceiling fell on the clay statue and I was trapped under the debris. Fortunately the girders held the weight diagonally and I was unharmed, though the dust of crushed bricks nearly suffocated me. I remained under the rubble for some forty hours, before investigating people freed me.

Stanislav Szukalski: Reminiscences

The British Consulate had heard about my Vagabond Club where the most brilliant intellectuals of Chicago assembled and exchanged views. I was always contemptuous of nations that amassed vast Empires on which to parasite and, though the Hindu Culture interested me, I recoiled from its out-of-outer-world introspections and constant meditations. Consequently my reputation as a Wonder Youth with shocking views had preceded me to the British Consulate and it refused me the granting of a visa.