Red Flag Apes: Unwitting Lives in Soviet Monkey Farm | Aberdeen Press – 15 October 1928

Professor Y. A. Tobolkin, who is in charge of the farm and the experimental work connected with it, reflects the general pride. A student of Dr Voronoff he is completely convinced of the efficiency of rejuvenation and its large place in the medicine of the future. The monkey farm, he told me represents the “fountain of youth” for which man has been looking since the dawn of time.

Revolutionary Experiments

This book investigates the interplay between actual (scientific) and fictional (literary) experiments that manipulated sex gonads in animals and humans, searched for "rays of life" froze and thawed butterflies and bats, kept alive severed dog heads, and produced various tissue extracts (hormones), all fostering a powerful image of "science that conquers death."

Anthro-political Motivations

The history of mankind up to this moment is the enumeration of STRUGGLES caused by the elemental foes of mankind, the results of the rapes of human women by Manapes who, having been born among us and speaking our languages, are mistakenly taken for our own countrymen. But it is these hateful, deadly and fiendishly exterminatory descendants of the Yeti that, on having been thoroughly admixed with the Humans, think up all the ideological Isms that create subversion, treason, revolutions, wars, and the eventual downfall of all Civilization and Culture.