First Confirmed Denisovan Skull Piece Found

Fragments of a hominin skull add to the sparse collection from our obscure cousins.

Zana of Thina | Tales

Zana's face was extraordinary: it was scary. It was wide, with prominent cheekbones and coarse features. The nose was flat, with wide upturned nostrils. The lower part of the face jutted out much as a muzzle. The mouth was very wide, big teeth. The nape was abnormally prominent. On its sloping forehead, hair started right at the thick and bushy eyebrows. The eyes were reddish. But what was most terrible was its expression, which was purely that of an animal. Sometimes, although rarely, Zana would break into an uncontrollable laugh, when she showed her white teeth. Nobody ever saw her laugh or cry.

DNA studies by Dr Igor Burtsev

1 Skulls face m1 Skulls left side k3 Woman-754 ReconstrFeatured Image -- 806

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

Note: Dr Igor Burtsev was a speaker at our first Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Conference

Dear Collegues,
The discussion on the Bigfoot DNA initiated me to share with you some thoughts about this subject.
There are some contradictions in DNA of Bigfoot studies by various researchers caused by the results claimed by Dr. Melba Ketchum – and a lot of critics of her work, directly or indirectly from several geneticists and other biologists.
In this regard I would like to base just on one example I am a person involved in: the study of two skulls connected with Zana case (attached photo #1) attached). One is of her son Khwit, and another one of a woman from the neighboring grave, very old and special one: in the contrary to the others (we exgumed on that time in 1975 some seven burials on one old clan cemetery), she was laid on the…

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