Human Bone Daggers

Bone daggers made from Human bones, both ancient and modern, mostly from New Guinea


Megaliths of Sulawesi in Indonesia

The stone figures found in the valley have thin bodies, big heads, round eyes and lines to depict eyebrows, cheeks and chins. Some are standing with half their bodies buried in the vast meadow. Until today, more than 400 stone carvings have been found in Bada Valley, however only 30 depict human forms. The biggest statue reaches 4 meters in diameter and is around 4 m tall.

Bolesław Chrobry – 1938

When the Germans besieged Warsaw, a bomb shattered this building, the ceiling fell on the clay statue and I was trapped under the debris. Fortunately the girders held the weight diagonally and I was unharmed, though the dust of crushed bricks nearly suffocated me. I remained under the rubble for some forty hours, before investigating people freed me.