Life in Russia


The Great Wall of Abkhazia

While I was in Abkhazia I learned about the Great Wall or Kelasuri Wall. I was very intrigued, we’ve all heard of the Great Wall of China and Hadrian’s Wall but a wall in Abkhazia, “never”! What is truly incredible is the fact that this wall was 160 kilometers long (99 miles). The construction of this wall must have taken years to erect – and why was it built? From what I found even the date it was built is in question. I found several ranging from antiquity to the seventeenth century were possible, although more recent investigations have have revealed that the construction more than likely took place during the 6th century AD. Along the 99 mile route 300 towers stood, now most of them are entirely gone or largely ruined. I didn’t get to see the wall but I did find one of the…

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