Protong (Macimowa)
List of protong words and their English translation

by Stanisław Szukalski

This rootword language is the pre and post-diluvial, grammarless language presently known as Polish. Centuries back it was known as Lach, ..earlier as Sarmatian, ..and still earlier as Celtic. In this Protong (Macimowa) “Cel Tik” means “Whole (world) Touching”, i.e. universal.

A A, Ja I, me.
Protong actually had no words beginning with “a” or “e”. All words beginning with these sounds were once preceded by a “w” (sounding as a “v”) which softened into “f” and eventually vanished, except in Polish that retained the archaic form.
Ar, War, Far, Fer,
Wer, Wr, Wra, Wre,
Wir, Wara, Wiara,
Wera, Wiera, We
Belief, worship.
B Ba, Bam, Boi, Ban Terrified, frightened away.
Ba, Bal, Biał, Bieli,
Whiteness, daylight, dawn, God of Sunrise. Different vowels denote different dialectic uses.
Bab, Baba, Baby Old Woman (referring to the ancient Motherland in the Pacific, now, after submergence, seen as Easter Island).
Bi, Za-Bi-Ta Killed, deluged. In pictography this idea is conveyed by a circle with a hole in its center.
Bo, Bóg, Boga, Boh God
Ból, Bul, Boli Pain, suffering.
Br, Bra, Bre, Bro,
Bru, Bri, Ber
Take, taken, i.e. by the Deluge.
C Cał, Ceł, Cali, Celi Whole, universal.
Ce, Ci, Cia, Cię You.
(The “c” sounds like “ts” therefore “you” is also: ti, tie, tia.)
Cud Miracle, the ancient name of Finland, where the Poles of Holy Rugia saw the Sun rise.
D Da, Dan, Dar Give, given, gift.
De, Gde, Gdze Where.
De, Den, Holland, Di,
Din, Dian
Day, daylight (referring to dawn and the Dawn God).
Deś, Dieś Ten.
Dr, Dra, Dre, Dri,
Dro, Dru, Der
Deserted, desert, deserter.
E (J)e Is.
G Ge, Gde, Gdzie Where.
Ga, Gan, Gne, Go,
Gon, Gu, Gun
Drive out, driven exile, exiled.
Gi, Giń, Hiń Lost, perished (by submergence, alwaysreferring to the deluged Mother or Fatherland in the Pacific and Atlantic).
H Hl, Hla, Hle Hli,
Hlo, Hlu
Soused till almost drowned. Now these are sometimes written as “gua”, hence “Guatemala” and “Nicaragua”.
Howa, Chowa, Hv Hide, hidden, hiding beneath the seas.
I Id, Ida, Idę Go, going (archaic for “migration”).
In, Ine, Inni Elsewhere not in this world, therefore in the Netherworld of the deluged ancestors, the kingdom of perpetual night.
Ili Mire, bog, marshes.
K K, Ka Towards, in the direction of, dedicated to.
Ko, Kocha Love, beloved, worshipped.
Ki, Kaj Where.
Kie, Kiej When.
L La, Le, Li, Lał,
Lu Lej
Pour: the archaic term used for Flood, Deluge.
Łeb, Łib Head; usually applied in Britain for dangerous, submerged rocks, the bane of navigation.
Lina Rope (vital in rebusal pictography).
Łon, Łono Womb, womb of the “Mother of Worship”
(Weri Mata or Easter Island).
M Ma, Mat, Mati,
Matia, Mać
The Mother(land), Easter Island.
Me, Mi Me, I, we, us.
Mr, Mar, Mer Umar,
Umer, Mra, Mre,
Mru, Mro,
Mro, Mru
Dead (always referring to the submerged Motherland).
Mo, Mor, Mur, More Sea, seas (as in all British names ending in “mor”, moor”, “more”).
N Na, Nar, No, Nor Made-born, birthgiver, given birth.
N, Ne, Ni No, not, no more existing, deluged.
Nes, Noś, Nieś Carried, brought to.
Nib, Nieb, Neb, Neba Heaven, where there is “no fear”. (Compare “Nippon”)
O O, Jo I (first personal pronoun).
Oc, Ocy, Oce, Ocec Eyes, ocean. (Pron. “o-ts”.)
Oce-On Ocean, which actually means “He of the Fathers”, the name of the continent that submerged beneath the Atlantic.
Ok, Oko Eye.
On, Ona He, she.
P Po After along.
R R, Ra, Ran, Rano Morn, sunrise, dawn (often synonymous with worship).
Ron Abort, lose.
Rat, Ratować Saved, always referring to being saved from the Deluge.
S Up-to-here.
Swe, Święty Holy, sacred. (Compare modern “saint”.)
Świt Daybreak, the pre-sunrise glow.
Świat World, earth.
Ty, Tie, Tia You
T Tik, Tyk, Tyka To touch, touching.
Tin, Tien, Cin, Cień Shadow, ghost, Netherworld.
Toń, Toni To sink, sfinks, sunken by the Deluge.
Top, Topi To be drowned, drowned.
U U, Ut, Uton Sunken, sink.
U, Ut, Utop Drowned.
Ukaz Appear, appeared.
Um, Umi Remember, know.
Un, Una, Uni He, she, they.
Ur, Urod Birthgiver, born, made-born.
, Uśniona Mortally-Asleep, applied instead of “dead”, only to dearest persons, or Virgin Mary Easter Island and fish.
W Wr, Wra, Wre, Wri,
War, Wer, Wir, Wi,
Wira Wera, Wiara,
Worship, meaning “dawn”.
Z Z, Ze From, out of.
Ze, Zi, Zem And Zim,
Land, Motherland, referring to Easter Island, the Mother of Dawn.
Za, Zar, Zer, Zor,
Zora, Zera, Zra,
Zre, Zorza, Zaria,








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