WORKS OF SZUKALSKI (Covici – McGee, 1923) First American hardcover, probably not more than 1000 copies printed.

PROJECTS IN DESIGN (University of Chicago Press) 1929 Hardcover showcasing sculpture and architectural idea s. Fantastic forward by Szukalski. Released in limited edition with signed print (probably 100 copies, unnumbered) and regular hardcover editon of approx. 1000 copies.

TROUGHFUL OF PEARLS (Glenn Bray) 1980 First printing, hardcover edition (100 signed & numbered) and softcover (approx 1200). Includes BEHOLD THE PROTONG . All texts by Szukalski.

FURORE MAGAZINE #15 (Piet Schreuders)1980 In Dutch and English language.

FANFARE MAGAZINE #3 (Bill Spicer)1980 Includes Szukalski memoir meeting of Frank Lloyd Wright (“When Wright Was Wrong”) from autobiography.

LA WEEKLY Dec.25 – 31, 1981 – Article by Ray Zone

INNER PORTRAITS (Glenn Bray) 1982 First printing, all text by Szukalski.

BRONZES OF SZUKALSKI 1989 (Archives Szukalski) Small magazine with black & w hite illustrations of various bronze works available.

SHRED MAGAZINE 1989 (John Hutchinson)

CHICAGO HISTORY MAGAZINE 1991 – Article about THE LOST TUNE book and exhibition at the Polish – American Museum in Chicago.

JUXTAPOZ MAGAZINE vol.3#2 1997 Article “Echo of a Parallel Century” by Eva Kirsch WORLD REMADE vol. 1 (Archives Szukalski) 2000 – Limited edition of 100 copies of miscellaneous 1940’s pen & ink Zermatism drawings in original size.

FURORE MAGAZINE #20 (Piet Schreuders) 2001 In Dutch and English language.

FLUID MAGAZINE 2003 – Polish language article.

JUXTAPOZ MAGAZINE Dec. 2005 Article SHOWSTOPPERS: The Self – Born, Stanislav Szukalski

KRAK SYN LUDOLI 2007 – Polish hardcover book with illustrations, reprinting Szukalski’s tragedy written in the 1930’s.

FORGOTTEN MASTERS REVIVED catalogue flyer for 2007 exhibit at Fullerton Art Museum, curated by Eva Kirsch

SZCEP ROGATE SERCE (Lechoslaw Lamenski) 2007 Hardcover limited edition, 506 page biography of Szukalski with many important illustrations.

X-TRA MAGAZINE 2010 – Article of Pasadena Art Gallery exhibition MANTONG AND PROTONG


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