Negritos, Cryptozoology, and Proto-Pygmies

Proto-Pygmies are allegedly small hairy hominoids, with adult heights ranging from three feet to five feet. The hair on their heads is often a different length and texture than the hair that covers the rest of their bodies. Faces are usually nearly hair-free, as are the palms of the hands, the knees, and soles of the feet. The commonly observed habitat of Proto-Pygmies is swamps, forests and seashores in tropical regions of the world. Their tiny footprints can be distinguished from those of human children because the foot shape is unique. Their faces look aged, ancient, and distinctly non-human. Hair colors tend to be black or red.

Proto-Pygmies are known by the locals by names such as alux, duende, didiorang-pendek, teh-lma, agogwe, sehite, sedapa, shiru, and menehune. All cryptid hairy little people are classified as Proto-Pygmies. What could Proto-Pygmies be? Most researchers have had varied theories. W.C. Osman-Hill thought perhaps they were evolved Homo erectus, and Bernard Heuvelmans felt that some of the African varieties could be relict populations of Australopithecus. Other theories abound, with Sanderson even saying some might be a unique subtype of our own species, Homo sapiens.


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