by: Stanisław Szukalski

Being a professional man in numerous fields of intellectual activities, I have evolved a different attitude towards them than the layman, who keeps on repeating the same phraseology and terminology, thus sustaining the same, common attitude. Frankly, I am talented in many fields because my interests are numerous, so that I understand to a higher degree how they are interrelated.

Thus, when I say about myself that I am a genius, it is not self-praise, but a statement to describe a type of mind that: whatever it does in any field, it does well. A mind that peruses in many fields will comprehend better, and many things more, than one that is absorbed in only one. It becomes a universal mind.

Since man recently suffered two global calamities in, as in my case, a single lifetime, I have been dwelling on causes that might have brought these to their culmination. Naturally I have read the opinions of statesmen and contemporary historians blaming the munition manufacturers, the bankers, the imperialists (always of other nations, never their own) for the two World Wars, but as usual, was not satisfied with their answers. Of course I am an egocentric, otherwise I would have remained a noncreative consumer of other people’s thinking. But since I belong to the group of self-igniting individualists who never doubt their wisdom, it was but natural for me to personally approach the all-absorbing dilemma of What Causes Wars and their ever increasing deaths (in the last World War almost 50,000,000 died on both sides of the conflict).

For one, humans are mammalians. They are born in the same way as many animals and have the same means of procreation. Many a trait is animal-like and even dispositions are very often similar. A gorilla, though it is the largest of the apes and terrifyingly powerful so that it needs no pretending extensions of its ferocity, has an ever ready growl on its face and a permanent frown, so to frighten all smaller creatures. This reveals intrinsic cowardice. So, many governments, when frightened by the military superiority of a prospective victim nation, abuse that nation with the foulest invectives, because basically they are cowards. Their bluff and their threats are symptomatic of their frantic FEAR. However, when they feel they are capable of destroying the other, they make special effort to show friendliness, so to attack unexpectedly.

But I have drawn four gorillas for you, which may seem overdone evidence that I wish to present. Not so! Though gorillas are native to West Africa, specifically the Kivu Hiyetisyn_rysunek02xghlands in Nigeria, there are several strains of them, each with various dispositions. Note the different design of the nostrils of the following anthropoids. Note that the first one has a split nose, which superficial cleavage continues on the upperlip. Syphilis, which was originally an animal disease, caused the cleavage of the roof of the mouth and the harelip, together with a large space between the upper teeth. Eventually these anthropoids became to a great extent immune to syphilis, and the cleavage became characteristic of the class. Note that the drawing to the right shows a gorilla with an unsplit nose.


The third gorilla has nostrils that lay flatly wrinkled on the muzzle and there is no split across the nose. Its mass of hair begins immediately above the massive brows.

This gorilla’s portrait, however, shows more humanoid traits, already indicating interspecies bastardy. The nose, though almost caricature-like, could be that of Leo Tolstoy or Maxim Gorki. The expression is almost human, but for the brooding hatred in the eyes. The mouth is completely human. The neck, like on the others, is of course totally missing. Here you have an ancestor, the sire of our future empire-amassers.


Due to our ignorance of our bastardly past, our inbreed-ing with the apes, we carry the Burden of History, which actually is the struggle between Humans and aHumans. The aHumans, however, because they are born in our own countries and communicate in our languages, are not recognized and are taken to be Poles in Poland, Englishmen in England, Russians in Russia.The gigantic abdomen that gorillas have to keep on filling all day long was inherited by their bastardly descendants, which physical trait was sublimated into avarice for everything in sight.

Despite Darwin’s assurance that the two species of ape and human do not produce offspring, I will show you some examples to the contrary. In an old medical book I found this photograph of an oddly proportioned dwarf. His arms were so short that they barelyyetisyn_rysunek05bx reached to his pelvic bone at the base of his long torso. Therefore, he could not walk upright, because our arms have to counter-swing with the opposite legs in order to keep our balance while walking.

When I first came to the U.S.A., living with my parents in Chicago, I would always see the white horse of the cart that delivered goods to a bakery store, stand with its forelegs on the sidewalk. I soon solved the riddle. When it was trotting in the streets, I saw that its forelegs were much shorter than the hind ones, so that these would have to carry a greater share of the body weight than if they had been much longer.
Thus, this little man who inherited the human, short arms doubly exaggerated, discovered that if he held wooden blocks in his hands, he would make his arms longer and shift some of his weight onto his legs so his arms would get tired less quickly. On the side I made the face of this pseudoHuman in greater detail, that you may recognize the similarity to dozens of famous politicians who always serve some Ideology that, on succeeding, will metamorphose into another Tyranny.


When ancient Greece found a substitute for the petroglyphic Art of scratching on rocks and cave walls, we gained the Art of vase painting as a means of relating the old legends and myths to the nation. There is a large part of the Greek vase painting that is little known to the general public, because it is of erotic nature. Some of the milder erotica, however, is seen in books and museums.Until my discovery of their historic veritability no archeologist had ever suspected that the Pans which so commonly occur on the Greek vases, are factual truth, not poetic invention. The Pan was anciently called “Ban” which means “Feared”, because this was actually the species of large apes that attacked human women and raped them.

The Pans, according to legends, liked to hover near herds of grazing cattle. In a certain state of venerial infection these creatures had persistent erections, due to inflammation, so that they were seeking any kind of sexual satisfaction. Most commonly they contented themselves with sheep or goats, hence the goatlegged mutant Pans. I insist that syphilis is a purely animal disease and therefore so destructive to humans. The fact that humans have syphilis is due to rapes by these Pans, and all the wartnosed Greek philosophers, the pot-bellied, waddling pygmoids, were actually descendants of such interspecies bastardy. On this matter I assembled a volume of 344 drawings like these, to be eventually published, because it is of the utmost importance to know that our Human Destiny is afflicted with the greatest calamities (like the two World Wars) because our HUMAN female ancestors were raped by the Apes, the Yetis, the Sasquatches, and our male forefathers copulated with female anthropoids. Please follow my line of reasoning briefed in this chapter.

As the Ice Age was advancing upon Hyperborea, food became more and more scarce, so that it became the custom to drive away the maturing youths, giving them a sack of food for on the road (by which they became known as the Migrating Saki).

Parallel with this policy of diminishing the population, the savage Europeans resorted to substitutes in order not to make their womenfolk pregnant. The accessibility of does in the jungles was resorted to by human males and Pans alike.


This drawing I made in the British Museum. You see the sheep-mutant raping a doe.




Two Pans enticing a doe with a jar of water, in order to rape her.




This drawing of a most renowned fresco illustrates a Pan dressed in the skin of a slain stag, so as to get close enough to the doe unnoticed, for the purpose of raping her.

A striking oddity of this presentation is the tail. The spinal column of animals continues naturally below the rump as the core of the tail. Here, however, the tail is set at a wrong angle, beginning more towards the thighs of the creature. This is due to a clever contrivance. The Pan has pushed the base of the dried tail into his rectum to hide his anthropoid sex.

While a man’s genitals are projecting from his lower abdomen, therefore in front of him, you may recall from your latest visit to the zoo that the genitals of the ape are placed further back, so that in the ape’s slight stoop they show in the rear, as in this drawing. Thus, we definitely know that this is a Pan (the Feared One) from Greek mythology.

That this is a Pan, a Manape, is further attested by the large abdomen of the “gorger”, the future sire of Yetinsyn empireamassers, and the too short arm of human heritage.


On one Greek vase I found this scene. A peasant woman is striking indignantly at a Pan raping a mule in the street, while the rider turns around to discover it is this syphilis spreader that is annoying his animal.


More history told on a vase by a Greek painter. Two Pans sneak up on three human girls while they bathe, hiding behind the palmtree waiting for the right moment to attack and impregnate, and at the same time infect them.


An actual Pan, scratched on a piece of slate, presently in the possession of the St. Germain Museum in France. From sleeping on the ground, the hair on the outside of the base of the tail is worn off, which fact is strikingly well observed. When you imagine the face without the beard, you can readily recognize many subversive politicians and communists in it.


A Pan attacking a human woman. This is one of many paintings where the woman has the pictographic Tree with her with the Snake wound around it. This, being a Rebus for Polish “drzewo”, refers to her origin, for Protong “Drze Wo” means “Where Water”, hence she was one of the humans who came from the now flooded homeland. The Serpent, as always, represents the Great Flood.

On the neck of one vase I found the painter’s story about a daughter or a sister who had run away with a Pan for a sexual escapade. Then, below, the same girl returns home, embracing the man, perhaps her husband. Note that in several places her dress adheres to syphilitic sores. After she died from syphilis, her body was burned and her ashes were placed in this vase.


A vase painting of a scene of a morality play shows a girl looking at two Pans, one of which is already climbing a ladder up to her room. Both have long linen tapes with them to bind her hands before leading her away into the jungle. One has a large club to deal her a blow and make her unconscious, and they brought a bucket of wine with them. All this in anticipation of raping her.

Like a delayed newspaper report about life in ancient Greece, here is another story. It is about two sisters, one of which was attacked by a Pan, who despite the other sister’s tearing at his hair and beard, continues his brutal act with the rather cooperative victim.


On one vase I discovered another example of an Ape with permanent erection, enticing a girl by offering her grapes. Note that she has already been with the Pans, copulating, for her dress adheres in places to the syphilitic sores.On returning to the village (below), she is attacked by a woman who, fearing that the whore will infect her brothers’ sons, slays her with a hammer. The deceased body was cremated and the ashes were placed in this jar.






yetisyn_rysunek13xIn Bohuslan, the place in Sweden whose name started me on my so extensive scientific task, there is a petroglyph – one among hundreds commemorating the interbreeding of Manapes and Humans. You see a Neanderthal Manape at the left, who knows how to make bows and arrows, yet still has the tail of the anthropoid, standing guard over a female who was made pregnant by a “giant penis”. No doubt, eventually one of the descendants of this bastard became a communist agent or executioner, as all those with the undercut noses tend to be.


The Egyptians had a parallel of Pan in their own mythology, the God Bess. This name, when returned to its original Protong “Bez”, means “Run”, i.o.w. he too, is dangerous to women. Across his waist he has diagonally crossed lines, which universally means that his species also escaped from the deluged Motherland of the Dawn God in the Pacific.

On the other side of the world, in South America, the Indian name for an ape is “Beesa”, which would be “Bez (J)a” in Protong, meaning “Run I”. Thus, like the Egyptian name Bess, it indicates the necessity to run away when this ape is in sight, for it will rape women. The local Indians speak of the “Man of the Forest”.


This pottery portrait, made by the prehistoric Nayarit of ancient Mexico, shows a wartnosed Yetinsyn, a bastard of apeoid-human mixing. His mouth is shriveled from too many eruptions, his body being afflicted with the syphilis brought upon his human mother. His arms, as always with Yetinsyn descendants, are the doubly exaggerated short human ones. His legs are inherited from his ape father, which heritage is further attested to by the overlong torso.

A thyroid cretin, with nostrils lower than the base of the nose. Such a face often comes with a cleft roof of the mouth and the harelip. I think that all mentally deficient cretins, morons, idiots and mongoloids are actually not so much mentally sick as closer in their heritage to the Apes than to Humans. If they were brought up by Apes, they probably would fare no less well than these, but as human children they are deficient.


A cretin-imbecile woman, 39 years old, sexually mature, as the breasts show, but half as tall as her nurse and mentally equivalent to an ape. Note the width of her upperlip groove.
The most recognizable characteristic of people involved in political subversion and treason, without having to undress and measure them, is the upper lip. The descendants of the Manapes or Pans are the people with the long upper lips, which always go together with the sharply angled, undercut nose. The human upper lip flows down from the point of the nose to the lower rim of the lip. Compare the slightly exaggerated drawings of the Yetinsyn on the left, and the Human on the right.

The history of mankind up to thisyetisyn_rysunek20x moment is the enumeration of STRUGGLES caused by the elemental foes of mankind, the results of the rapes of human women by Manapes who, having been born among us and speaking our languages, are mistakenly taken for our own countrymen. But it is these hateful, deadly and fiendishly exterminatory descendants of the Yeti that, on having been thoroughly admixed with the Humans, think up all the ideological Isms that create subversion, treason, revolutions, wars, and the eventual downfall of all Civilization and Culture.




One trait of apeism is the too long torso, which can be seen when a person is standing up with the arms bent. My elbow overlaps the pelvic, because I am a Human. The worker, however, I met at the gas station had an elbow-pelvic interspace of 1 foot and 2 inches (I measured it).When a person while standing has the same height as you, but towers over you in a sitting position, he is a Yetinsyn with his too long torso, with which he undoubtedly will have legs too short to reach the floor. He is a semi-Human, devoid of human, NOBLE ways.

Here, for your comparison, you have the orangutan of the Borneo-Sumatra region, sitting on a broken sculpture, stifling its face with a flaming torch. Note the communist upper lip and the immense torso, an indication of uncontrollable gluttony. The pendulous abdomen in its Yetinsyn-descendants becomes the index of the psychotic obsession to possess everything in sight, to gain ever greater territories (Queen Victoria, Tsarina Catherine the Great). Note the extremely short bone in the upper arm, another trait seen in antihuman bastards. You see, I am a sculptor, you are not, so you had not noticed these odd proportions of limbs.


In a cave in Lussac-les-Chateaux, France, a piece of slate was excavated with on it the, for that epoch, wondrous portrait of a Yetidoch (Russian for “Daughter of the Yeti”). It has been preserved at the Musee de L’Homme in Paris. The portrait was carved with a flint-flake by the then just arrived diluvial refugees from the distant Pacific, known to us as the Cro-Magnon Men, a species of giant Humans who had the marvelous ability to picture records of prehistory.I have not added any details to this document other than my shading, so to make the subject matter more elucidating. Look at that belly, look at that upper lip and the vestigial wart-nose. This female belongs to the bi-species of Manape that is partly admixed with Humans. She could have been a tsarina or a queen or some other empire-builder, since she is of the predatory species.

Some time ago I came across a reproduction of an illustration to early sagas of Sweden. The sizes of the different figures were random, perhaps to indicate difference in importance. I have made for you a larger, more articulate drawing, that you may see what creatures these really are.The size of the heads in relation to the bodies indicates that these are the “trolls” who perhaps were a contemporary type of minority population. It could be that these are still a different type of Manape that I have seen so far, judging by the peculiar shape of the noses.




The face of one of the prevalent types of Yetinsyny. I drew this portrait from a photograph of one of millions of “chinovniki”, the executors of the Tsar’s orders, the yetisyn_rysunek24axcommitters of evil, the abusers of real Humans.Note the Apeoid placement of the nostrils, below the center of the base of the nose. Compare the apron-like upper lip to that of the gorilla of plate 4 (this chapter). Look how close the nostrils are below the eyes. Here you have the prototype abuser of ensnared Humanity.





The above traits I pointed out, occur in every nation on earth. But it is the great prevalence of the apeoid type in a nation that instigates its predatory existence, hence foments wars of conquests and the victimization of other nations. Look about you andyetisyn_rysunek25x observe which nations, up to recent years, were the greatest empire amassers, and you will understand why the prevalent type among their members of government was the type with the undercut nose.

Each of can feel his own apeoid tail between his buttocks, curling under into the too delicately fragile to be exposed. One can bend it to a small extent by pressing it farther in.
Some years ago a nine-year old German girl came to the John Hopkins Hospital in New York with her father, to have her tail amputated. It was a mobile appendage, for she could wiggle it at will. I drew this from a medical book.

yetisyn_rysunek26xIn Sanderson’s book on the Yeti, there is a photograph of a Filipino man with an ape tail, its tip suddenly terminating as if it had been cut off.







A small baked pottery carving showing an Egyptian Bess with a tail, a crown of feathers on his head and the Dawngreeting Mirror in his hand. From my collection.







Could it be possible that human society would tolerate Manape halfbreeds and continue to further inbreed with them? Not intentionally! But there are always irresponsible drunks and men of low mentality who, when sexually pressed, are willing to copulate with a hole in a fence or to rape, despite protests from period-beset females.

Let this drawing illustrate the inadvertent toleration of a most unlikely member of the family (which also happens in personal families, when we are “thrown together by yetisyn_rysunek28xcircumstance”). It is known that the cuckoo never nests but, like all nomadic, non-home-making creatures, finds a small victim to work for it. It waits till a small bird, like the meadow pippit, flies away seeking food, then descends on its nest and lays an egg. Mother pippit, on returning, is surprised at its large size, but being proud of what seems to be her achievement, begins to hatch the egg.

The young cuckoo is born glistening-skinned nude, looking like a reptile. Immediately it lays on its back and begins to push the legitimate pippit children out of the nest. The expulsion of the nestlings, which are minuscule in comparison to the parasitic invader, is so gruesome and sickening a sight, that I barely was able to continue watching the documentaries in which this was shown. But if you would see nature at its worst and take the lesson of whose side Providence stands on, do not miss the opportunity.

The mother will spend her entire energy to feed the parasite, completely unconscious of what is being loaded on her shoulders. She is the “kidnapped” sucker-parent by proxy, doing her duty because “it was there”, the …egg of Providence.
Because we wear clothes, our bodies are disguised and laymen never notice variations, until an artist, who is trained to observe differences for differentiation in his works, points them out.Now that I have told you about all the traits that set the Yetinsyn off against the Human: the long torso, the short upper arm and subsequent long elbow-pelvic interspace, the enormous belly, the wart-nose, and very likely a tail, what is my conclusion?

It is most vital to the Destiny of Mankind that these semi-Humans who speak the same language as we, are actually not our fellow countrymen at all, but Yetinsny, the results of Human aHuman interbreeding, that are devoid of all the genteel traits of the former, but retained all avaricious, vengeful, ferocious traits. When they enter politics, they do that exclusively for the purpose of attaining positions that allow them to gloat in VENGEANCE for their obsessive psychosis of INFERIORITY. It is them who, when their dream-chance arrives, exterminate HANDSOME mankind by the millions. Until then, they masterfully bide their time.

Just like the Eta people of Japan were until lately NEVER permitted by the Japanese nation to serve in the Imperial Army, all of human society, in a conscious scheme for SURVIVAL, should NEVER, NEVER, NEVER permit these Yetinsyny to participate in any form of politics or the military service.


Yetinsyny as the Benefactors of Mankind

However!!! Instead of ostracizing every Yetinsyn in every country, that they may not concoct from one of their political philosophers, Karl Marx, Mao tse Tung, Nietszche, Bakunin, Kropotkin, or other haters of humanity, encourage them to partake in the arts: creative Art, applied arts, literature, in medicine and all forms of engineering. Arrest them, however, when they write on ethics, morality, compassion, charity or sociology, for in each case they will be masters of hypocrisy, all the while really intending, like Socrates did, to undermine the human relations and foment “revolutions”. Then: perform as executioners.

Why then will they excel in the above branches of creative contribution? Because, as frightfully inferiority-obsessed males and females who NEVER get beautiful human women and men into their beds, they persistently dream of the IMPOSSIBLE. To endure their mental hardships they develop extraordinary patience and such perfect IMAGINATION that almost anything they dream of, they are capable of contriving. Thus, patience and imagination, together with their ANIMAL vitality, make them capable to contribute miracles of inventions in every sphere of interest. They are the nibelungs, the little pixies, the fairies of the legends of every country.

Politically, they forever remain… socialists and therefore, potential communists, because they cannot forgive humankind its popularity with the opposite sex. Humans love and are loved. Yetinsyny love human women and men, but are never loved in return by them. In the formative years of adolescence that decides for the rest of their lives their hatred of mankind in general from the bottom of their feet’s soles. They NEVER forget and NEVER forgive. But if their hope for vengeance is sublimated into beneficial inventiveness, and from their frantic indus-triousness and total dedication to their skills they get the reward sincere gratitude, appreciation and fame, which is LOVE from mankind, they purr like kittens and become the best of friends of appreciative humanity that is ALWAYS NOBLE. (I have one entire volume on Yetinsyny who have greatly contributed to mankind’s enlightenment and well-being.)


Yetinsyny – the Elemental Foes of Mankind

Let me dwell a little longer on the anthropoid elemental gluttony for everything in sight, which is so well illustrated in the Polish saying: “Wolves’ eyes, wolves’ gullet, what they see they devour.”


Here is a portrait of a once famous story-teller among the “muzhiks” (peasants). Note the wart-nose and the enormous upper lip, the vast size breasts and the voluminous hips. Here is the typical Mother of the Predatory Nation that, on getting into power through invasions, altered their Tartar ethnics by conquering the Rusy and taking on their national name. The slavic Rusy, the collective term for the inhabitants of Ruthenia, Ukraine and Great, Little, White, Black and Red Russia (which appellations describe the fertility and the color of the soil), are the ultimate in agricultural predilection, while the  conquerors, the predators, NEVER can be self-supporting by soil-tilling, no matter how they may try, for they were born to live nomadically, off the animals they herded. But now the Anglomericans, eagerly making money by supplying the grain to the predators that they should store for the time of the siege of Europe and America, are assisting Russia to win the next war.


She was called “Red Hilda” Benjamin. A Commissar of Justice for East Germany and a agent (they always are on the side of the enemy and against the nation to which they were born), she was selected because of her vicious looking proclivities (note the tucked in mouth, as to diminish her brutal appearance and give the impression of coy femininity). She was 4’2″ and, being of masculine disposition, could not experience physical pleasure in love-making, so she was a nymphomaniac who tried every man in sight, thinking that finally she would find a man who could give her pleasure. She had prisoners have sexual intercourse with her, then ordered them executed.

I made the drawing of this female from her picture in TIME magazine. The dwarfish creature spent her entire mature life writing poison letters to the people of her town, implying their criminal behavoir, causing great grief to everyone involved and breaking long friendships. Finally she was put in jail. She was by all circumstances “French”, but actually this woman has no nationality, for she was a Yetidoch (Daughter of the Yeti).


A vase from ancient Peru presenting a portrait of a Yeti-doch. The vertical lines were put yetisyn_rysunek32xthere by the marvelous sculptor to let us know that this creature was a survivor of the Deluge. From her face streams the dirt that thickened the waters of the globe when continents were submerging and other ones re-emerging. Such lines are the universal pictographs of diluvial cataclysm.
Two of the most representative writers of Russia are Bakunin and Kropotkin, both anarchists. In a review of the former’s work a commentator remarks: “Marx’s ideas caught on fast in Russia, which had its own brand of revolutionary thought exemplified yetisyn_rysunek33xby the nihilist Bakunin who believed in violence for violence’s sake and had a vision of the whole of Europe… transformed into an enormous rubbish heap”. The Bolsheviks combined Marx’s ideas with Bakunin’s terrorism to create their own revolutionary creed.



This was when American Civilization was as yet not known in the Russian backwoods (he lived 1814-76), for his hatred would particularly have hoped to destroy this land of FREEDOM first.

From his little shoulders and pumpkin head you may assess his physical size: that of a Yetinsyn shrimp. Not being capable to excel in civilization, leadership and refined yetisyn_rysunek34xelegance, the Russian potential exterminators of mankind affected “disheveledness” as a way of life, in disdain of European orderliness, which they never could match.







The weasel-faced Machiavelli and his methods, designed for his patron Prince Lorenzo de Medici to gain power over the nation, became the proverbial example of sneaky deception. There is something in the face, particularly the mouth, that no human could produce, that is purely anthropoid. There is a radio broadcaster in Los Angeles with that rare type of mouth who is renowned for his subversive services to communism.

Here I have copied a most penetrating observation by an excellent artist, the English political cartoonist Low, of Churchill. There is expressed viciousness, not due to his wartime hatred of the Nazi Germans, but to his inborn capacity to convey hatred…because he was a dwarfish social agressor and the servant of a distinctly predatory nation.

Let me reproduce a clipping from an American paper that will explain what is behind Churchill’s facial expression, why he helped Roosevelt betray half of Europe, giving eleven nations over to Communism at Yalta.

Gluttony is an inadvertent giveaway of one’s anthropoid heritage and the motivation to create global Vampirialism. As a matter of fact, I have never seen a fat being in Poland and, though some five hundred years ago that country was the most powerful in Europe, it NEVER conquered other people’s countries. Soil-tillers do not make conquerors.


From the Paleolithic (early Stone Age) dates this European Pygmy, immortalized by a Cro-Magnon diluvial, with a constant erection from infection, extremely short arms and legs, but an enormous abdomen and long torso. There is a mistake, however. Such dwarfish gargantuan eaters never have long necks, but are practically neckless.


Napoleon ordered David and others who painted his portraits that “rulers and kings should be idealized in portraiture, because after they die no one will know if they were not true!” A good illustration of this motto is this portrait painted by the fine German sculptor-painter Kling dramatizing Friedrich Nietzsche’s likeness by giving him a gigantic walrus mustache. Actually the inferiority-stricken poet turned propagandist-philosopher, who attempted to smuggle himself from his knock-kneed timidity into the ranks of Gods and Supermen, was a nondescript individual as we can tell by this photograph, taken when he was a sergeant in the German Army. It is characteristic of timid men who gain some notice to add thickly to hints at their unusualness.


Being ugly and suffering from an inferiority complex, Lorenzo “the Magnificent” the Medici (whom Machiavelli taught how to become more princely by the sly methods of a sneak) had himself portrayed many times and nicknamed “the Magnificent”. As a patron of the arts, which at that time were still creative, he built great palaces to incidentally create a halo around his name and thick personality. As you can see by his projecting muzzle, he was an apeish man.


A drawing I made from a photograph of Vladimir Ulianov, alias Lenin, as a boy of fifteen. This is one of the Greatest men in history, that is, judged in my way, maybe not yours.. Those are GREAT who ALTER the history of the world, be they GOOD or EVIL, and by that token Hitler is among the Great, for with his predatory ambitions he has caused tremendous change, if only in the moral indignation of the German people.


When Lenin grew up, his biological inferiority pre-ordained him to live conspiratorily. He dedicated himself ostensibly to the revolution against the tsarist tyranny only to establish another tyranny, that of the Yetinsyny, by betraying the revolution when he ordered Kerensky murdered. Thus he took over the wrecked edifice of the State that others had diligently prepared and worked on (they do not sow or plant, but they INVADE …in order to reap the harvest). He was a Yetinsyn, which is more markedly revealed by the pointed head that we know from my drawings of the four anthropoids in this chapter. Note the total absence of neck and the “Russian” nose.


But look at the drawing of the late King Faruk of Egypt. Being born of royal lineage and in affluence, he did not suffer from inferiority feelings, because girls and women did not disdain him, so he did not turn against the state and become a revolutionary. Most radicals are exceedingly ugly and because they can never be popular with girls and women, they develop a hatred of mankind, starting in the formative years of adolescence. It comes to that simple explanation.


I have stripped King Faruk of his clothing and added die Pan’s tail that he probably had at birth, but had removed. Look at the pointed head of a Manape. His too-short arms do not even come to his genitals. His too-small hands are characteristic of dwarfishness. His neck bulge is still there, though it should have disappeared in the fourth month of the foetal state. His gargantuan gluttony indicates his heritage from the Egyptian Bes.

I made a small drawing of the development of a foetus from the first to the fourth month. You see the bulge in the back of the neck enlarge progressively, then suddenly vanish. Since the gestations of apes and humans differ in length of time (therefore, I observed premature births in women of Manape heritage) the children born to apeoid parents retain such fatty rolls of flesh after birth and throughout their lives.






Dictator Pauka, Russian agent for Rumania.

Little La Guardia, the manipulative mayor of New York who was selling locomotives to Tito of Yugoslavia, ostensibly taking away the spiritual control from anti-Nazi, anti-Communist Michailovich, the patriot, assisting the Communists in taking over that part of Europe.

Here you have the “little flower”, as he preferred to be called. The tiny hands indicate the dwarfishness of this Great Patron of Communism, though he was an American flag waver.


In order to be better understood while speaking of the coming portraits of people with Manape heritage, let me further carry the above statement about the fatty neck-roll, in that there are two types of Yetinsyny. I class them according to the facial mask, which is either Neronic or Socratic. Let us say that the two eyes on a face form the horizontal base of a triangle, the down-pointing “pinnacle” being the mouth. If you shift this triangle to the bottom of a circle, you have the face of a child. If, on the contrary, the triangle is shifted upwards in the circle, you will have a mature face.

A Neronic type of face with a very large mouth that, how-ever, is tucked in to deceive people while the owner is biding his time till he can inflict vengeance for being rejected by beautiful girls and women.


A long upper-lipped Yetinsyn (his German nationality had nothing to do with this), Commandant Krammer could finally realize his adolescent Manape dream to kill-kill-kill when he was given the longed-for position at Belsen where he could exterminate thousands of the HUMANS he so hated.

Portrait of philosopher Schopenhauer, an inferiority obsessed Yetinsyn who spent his entire life publicizing himself by inference of a disguised God, fooling the intellectual fools, the good-for-nothings, who took him as a divinity.

This is the acromegalic type of face. The overlong, though tucked-in upper lip marks him as a Yetinsyn who, being cowardly, hid himself behind protective verbal projectiles.


People eventually learn about the “spiritual” personal-ity of the Yetinsyny who form the governments of various nations, from the political cartoonist. This linear description of a Russian official (a Chinovnik or “doer”), an intentionally naively drawn caricature, as if it were graffiti on a toilet-room wall, appeared in the Los Angeles Times. I do not know the artist and did not tell him how to present a Yetinsyn, but unknowingly he did it correct, with the apron upper lip, a trap-mouth, a wart-nose and protruding muzzle. Note the picture on the wall of the Yetinsyn Hero. Note the shriveled arm of the official, who was about to let you bring your American dollars into Russia at the 1980 Olympics.
Two comparative drawings for you to see Khrushchev’s build. On the first you see a black line where his arm would have been were he not a Yetinsyn. Though he was a Ukrainian, he was a descendant of the Manape, therefore born to be a traitor to his own people. The too-loose pants the Russians used to wear when they came to get what they wanted from the gullible Anglomericans, were to disguise the odd angles of the always bent legs (do not, however, immediately think of the Russian ballet dancers, who have perfectly proportionate legs).yetisyn_rysunek51x

Then compare the two chummy ‘ ‘tovarish-che” (comrades): the weak, will-less Castro who was shoved forward as a dictator by his brother Che, and the just-dealt-with Yetinsyn. Note that the representative of the Soviets towers over the wishy-washy intellectual from New York: But look where their waistlines are. Khrushchev’s is just below Castro’s chest, the Russian is standing on his left, straightened leg while he is sitting, while Castro, also sitting, has his legs doubled up. The pot-bellied Nikita is not cheating you in order to convice you that he is taller than the “Latino”, he simply cannot sit any other way and look his size, because his Yetinsyn torso is one-third longer than Castro’s.

There were various types of Manapes everywhere, until mankind wisely reduced their yetisyn_rysunek52xnumbers so, that we at present refuse to believe that there even exists a Big Foot, Sas-quatch or, as nearby Indians have called him since prehistoric times, Mo Mo.There was a small variety of Manape with whom Humans, either way, could produce bastards. This bi-species I have named Yetinsyny too, though they are of a more diminutive size and have the Neronic, small-triangled facial type. Here you have a most magnificent portrait, scratched on a piece of slate by the Cro-Magnon Human.

Her forward-thrust muzzle, the undercut nose, the viciously tucked-in mouth where lips are reduced to tin can rims, and the total absence of neck mark her as a Manape, though she is clearly more delicate than the usual type.

The slight filigree face and figure of Robespierre – who during the French Revolution held the position of key-figure, deciding who was or was not to be executed by the blade of the newly invented guillotine—make him one of the descendants of this grand-grand-grand-mother of the Yetinsyny of every nation, who by the unthinking world are erroneously considered to be French, or German, or Russian.

So is Manson not an American, just because he was born in the United States, nor is William Galley. They are two of the international Yetinsyny, whose elemental mission in life is to destroy as many Humans, loved by beautiful women, as possible.

Rendezvous with Destiny in the Woodshed


To make myself better understood, I made you a draw-ing of a Tsar’s soldat (soldier) having a date with a village Eta and at the same time unknowingly inviting an avalanche of history’s calamities upon the truly Russian (not Moscovian) owners of the woodshed.

There were instances of Yeti females being adopted as infant creatures by villagers in northern Russia who on maturing were domesticated enough to wear clothes and capable of performing chores. Their willingness to distribute sexual satisfaction (as well as the animal disease syphilis) to any willing village drunk, made them rather popular objects far and wide. So, many a traveling male inquiring which of the women was “the one” that could be had without preliminary introductions, would be answered by the villagers pointing towards the village Yeta: “Eta!” (that one). This is precisely the word that became the name for the females of the domesticated Eta “people” of Japan. It is recorded that a child was born to one of these village whores, which grew to maturity, and Russian scientists have the records of these facts. Thus, going back into prehistoric times, these halfbreeds introduced the bi-species that I named Yetinsyny. Whenever there are populations prevalently wart-nosed, they harken to the cross-breeding between Man and Animal, the consequence of which is bloody ravages to the surrounding world.

Again, it is not language or citizenship that makes a man or a communist, but the biological classification and the Human or a-Human predisposition. History is the float, the cork of the fishing line. It behaves in many ways, glorious or tyrannical, depending on what type of creatures motivate it down in the depths nibbling. on the bait. While it is Humankind that created all the Christian or other systems of Ethics, it is the a-Human, Yetinsyn heritage that gave us all the man-made calamities, wars, invasions, plagues, syphilis. Not until mankind recognizes the biological directions from where all the misfortunes come, it will continue to be the victim of this Yetinsyn affliction. Each species has its elemental foes, its exterminators, and so do we, Humans.


In one of the oldest books in Russia that presented the incidents of Yeta females living among the villagers I found a woodcut showing the odd way in which they positioned their bodies in sleep. They crouched on the ground, holding their heads down with their hands. Their foreheads, from heavy leaning on the ground, always developed thick callouses over their apeish brows. Later, while perusing through the Northridge College Library, I came across a British scientific periodical that had a photograph showing the communal way of sleeping of the Mongols. They double up for warmth the same way the domesticated Yetas did, spreading sheepskins on the ground for their foreheads to lean on.

This identical manner of sleeping is most significant, for it explains the proverbial cruelty of the Asian people. It proves that the Mongolian race is a bihuman species which has continued to use this sleeping position ever since their Manape ancestors taught their infants, millions of years back.


When a Human kills, he is a criminal and, under the human law, has to be punished according to the degree to which a nation has scaled Evil, depending on its sensitivity or callousness. When Charles Manson kills many people, American insensitivity allows him to continue his life in prison, that he may not be molested by human society. How many times should sub-humans like him be executed? As many times as they have killed? Then yetisyn_rysunek56xManson is beyond the Human Law, hence he is saved from Justice.

Do we reproach a wolf, a hyena if it kills? Do we think them criminal? If a dog with rabies attacks a child, we do not sue in court, but simply kill the offender. The semi-Humans who kill-kill-kill are not criminals, they are dangerous animals, and Justice with human consideration does not apply to them. They simply should be eliminated without the process of law, being an economic burden on human society as it is.


Regardless of what was the inhuman activity of William Galley, and whether the court found him guilty of slaying a community of oriental Humans or not, with a facial type like his he should never have been allowed to handle guns. Look at his vengeful eyes and the tucked-in split-liver mouth. He is the same type of Yetinsyn as Trotsky, a pinch-faced Neronic. He should have been directed towards science, crafts and arts. He could be a benefit to society if he was a mechanic, an engineer or a jeweler, but NEVER as an officer or a politician.

Any Bait will do to catch pin-headed Mankind

This book is too grievously miniscule to enable me to expound the vast subjects that are all related organisms of my new science of Zermatism. I feel I do not even have the opportunity to begin to tell you. But then, these discoveries I made have had to remain on my shelves too long already, unread and unheard of, because I am not one of the privileged minorities of the Cultural Siberia of America, Southern California.

In my volume on the new science of Anthro-political Motivations I illustrate how our human ancestors were slow-witted pinheads, thinking but silent, narrow shouldered, slouchingly moving creatures. A remainder of this disposition is the almost shattering naivety of human society, which causes us to fall for any ideological “crap” – that the dwarfish amongst us concoct.

When the Roman Predatory Empire was declining, a pope noticed an odd species of man on the throne of France. There was Pepi, and his two sons, Karl and Karloman. The three of them were Asiatic dwarves. When the sons inherited the vast Kingdom, Karl renounced his brother Karloman, and exiled him to the Monte Casino monastery where he remained imprisoned for the rest of his life, as a monk.

Seeing so efficient a ruler and knowing the expansory ways of the Asians, the pope made him the first King of Europe, who then proceeded to christianize the continent. Those who would not submit to the new Ism, were exterminated and their land confiscated. His example was soon followed by “kings” who submitted to being Latinized or Germanized in the name of the Holy Virgin.

The Poles called their king “Król”, the Czechs called him “Krai”, and the Russians “Karol”, all of which dialectic versions could now be translated as Charles, but actually were nothing else than local forms for the word DWARF. The Germanic languages had words like “Koenig, Koning” for the kings, which are but continuations of the word “Khueng” which actually means “Hun”. (From this came the English word Viking, by way of “We Khueng”, meaning “We the Huns”.)


While ruling over his vast Empire, Charles sent specially selected troubadours (foundlings, bastards, comparable to our contemporary hippies) into the world to tell their poetic legends about his Supermanship, which is symptomatic of the inferiority psychosis of the Yetinsyn. The German nation in particular is proud of their Uebermensch, recounting the legendary reputation of this superkiller up till our times. They even counterfeited his likeness by taking this early work of the Polish gothic sculptor Wit Stwosz, and calling it the portrait of Charlemagne. It was, however, made from life of the Polish King Kazimierz the Great who ruled some 500 years later. On the portrait bust many little Eagles of Poland, with the ring on their tails (Bi), were placed, which identifies it as Kazimierz’s portrait.


So, the Yetinsyny will always take advantage of the trusting Human. The conspiring dwarves will build vast parasitic empires based on some silly Ideology, a mere bait for gullible and kindhearted mankind (incidentally, however, creating favorable circumstances for culture and presently, sciences to flourish, to the glory of the vermin), be they Canaanites or Poles (in whose countries the predators have now established headquarters and parasite upon the aboriginals).


The howling chest-beating gorilla in the Yetinsyn is perpetually pressed towards its biological preordain-ment. It works overtime pounding on the pulpit of subversion, calling all the misfits of the world to unite against the hated Human. The phrases ring hours after their delivery, “We must fight against the Tyrants, the Capitalists, the Educated and well… why not against the Good-looking who are loved by beautiful women, too! Long live da Peep-hole! Long live the Revolution!


The Socratic type of Manape could be claimed to have come down from the Egyptian mythological Bess. Note the small eye-mouth triangle of this Bess, as opposed to the minuscule triangle of the above illustrated, Neronic facial types.



I made this drawing of a Socratic type of Yetinsyn finishing a sketch by David, the master painter of the Neo-Classical Period at the time of the French Revolution. Completely covered by warts – flesh colonies of foreign, primate cells – with an upper lip like the blacksmith’s apron and a brow protruding like a gorilla’s, Danton developed a grudge towards mankind and became the chief order-giver for the execution of thousands of Humans.

His godawful loneliness so depressed him, since no woman would deign to look at him, that he compensated his shattered ego by giving himself titles as Jove the Thunderer, The Rebel Satan and The Titan.


Tsarapkin, former Russian delegate to the United Nations, another example of the Socratic facial type. Note the gentleman’s lack of neck and the innate brutality of expression, barkening back to the four drawings I showed you at the beginning of this chapter. He was afflicted with acro-megaly, the nervous disease characterized by enlargement of the head, feet, hands, and sometimes chest.


Hold on to my hand, don’t be scared. This is a Labor Leader who simply “loves da peep-hole”. He is so indignant of the Tyranny of the Capital that he snarls, threatening to exterminate the capitalists as soon as he becomes a Commissar or Gauleiter, no matter of which ideological subgroup, as long as it holds the prospect of vengeance on human society.

yetisyn_rysunek65xAn ancient pottery mask, excavated in Peru. This Yetinsyn too suffered from acromegaly. Look at that terribly wide nose and the swollen eyes.






A darling-of-a-doctor who poisoned many of his patients till apprehended and imprisoned, to poison some more after his release. He practiced in England.

Maria Lima of Peru, who was born covered with fur and never learned human speech. Either both parents were of Manape heritage, or the mother was raped by an Andean Sasquatch.


Juan Corona, the Mexican field-worker who murdered over twenty other laborers. The United States Court spared his life, for an animal cannot be done Justice. Hence, he was only imprisoned, to protect him from society.

Can you gauge the hatred behind those beady eyes? What a marvelous executioner for the German Nazis he would have made. Yet, he is not a German, nor a Mexican, but a Yetinsyn on the prowl without some concocted Ideology to serve.

A potential tyrant. He already has his Ideology, and dealing with the Anglomerican, non-historical, free-wheeling-dealing society, he may yet get his chance to stand disobedient Americans against the wall and…

Yeti-sasquatch and Mankind’s Destinies

Though we may insist on preserving our inalienable Right of Freedom in America, we can never alter the biological heritage each of us has at birth, which preordains us to fulfill our specific Mission. We will remain uncouth, broody and dour-dispositioned, though educated and moving in the finest of environments, or gracious and sunny-dispositioned. Due to the combination of our parents’ physical and mental traits and our total CHANCE conception (each male orgasmic explosion releases some 14,000,000 spermatozoons, each bringing a different personality, one of which may enter the mother’s jelly-egg with its traits) you and I are the inheritors of a personality that may go back to millions of years ago and that could have been some almost divinity or the basest of criminals. Though what will predominate are the NATIONAL characteristics within certain geographic and historic localities.

In the last several years the magazines featured a number of articles about the sightings in remote areas of Sas-quatches, Yetis, Abominable Snowmen, which press-gossip caused pooh-poohs from the less imaginative who, believing in the infallibility of science, denounce the “naive” and “unworldly” who “fall for such childish fantasies”.

I am definitely one of the latter, having an open mind to every possible impossibility in this as yet unknown world. When coming to a friend’s house you see a string dangle out of a drawer, you cannot tell if it will end in a fraction of a second when you take a hold of it, or if it will unwind for an hour, because you do not know the contents of the drawer. To rather a simple mind the things that already exist are the only ones that do. To me things exist even before they are NAMED with a term, as soon as someone has discovered them and, having a mindful head, I even discover new Wonders in things discarded as uninteresting by mindless individuals or timid scientists who can only think with the support of someone higher up in their regard. Scientists are diggers and tabulators. Creative men are thinkers.

I have shown you the meaning of the Greek vase paintings and the Egyptian Besses. Presently I am about to explain to you some mythic reports from prehistoric Mexican and Central American Art. Again, I am showing you only a thimble – ful of the vital evidence gathered in my 38 (so far) volumes. In fact, they contain so vast a number of archeological “witnesses” that if you were made to look at them in one continuous session, you would fall on your knees and beg me to desist my insistence.

Among the illustrations with the articles on the Sasquatch was the first chance photograph made of the so elusive creature. It shows the Manape so tiny, being seen far away, that details were lost. However, that minute glimpse of him (I insist on the word yetisyn_rysunek70x“him”, because he is more than an animal) sufficed for me as an artist to elaborate in the drawing I made for you.

It is noticeable at first glance that this extraordinary creature is not an ape. He will never walk on all fours. Our locomotion depends on the counter-swing of our limbs and apes, having too long arms and too-short legs, have great difficulty walking upright because their counterswing is disproportionately uncoordinated, while man can walk and run because of the correct length of his limbs. But the Sasquatch has exceedingly long legs and longer arms than man, while his torso is much shorter. This is the reason why no human can match the Sasquatch in running, aside from his greater dimensions. If he stood on all fours, his too short torso would not allow enough space between the limbs to run comfortably. The Sasquatch seems in fact created to be more human than we. I suspect that he is in disposition very unlike the anthropoids. His potentials are greater than ours, but there were perhaps climatic circumstances that held back his evolution to excel humans in all fields.


As you have gathered by now from reading the preceding chapters, everything I have written in my 38 volumes pertains to the Global Deluge. Our ancestors remembered their Manapes from pre-diluvial times. Those who saved themselves from drowning, noticed that these creatures also had the fortune to survive, so they named them accordingly, everywhere on this globe in one language, my Protong. The present name Sasquatch was then “Sa Z Gladz” (this “l” is diagonally crossed in Polish and sounds like the English “w”), which means “Here From Destroyed” (i.e. the deluged continent).


In this portrait from that tiny photograph I have further added my imagined details so to make this Sasquatch seem nearer to you. It is obvious that this is a subarctic being, judging by the fur, like Newfoundland dogs. This is an American Yeti, though we must assume that there are many varieties and this one is surely different from the Tibetan one or the Japanese Eta.




There were numerous plaster-casts made by various people who found Sasquatch foot-imprints in deep forests. Usually all details were lost, so, being a sculptor and a fine anatomist, I completed the realistic details in these hazily shaped feet, that you may readier visualize their function.

In the center at the top you see your own foot in comparative size to the plaster-casts. Top left you see the foot of our Sasquatch. The arrows indicate the direction in walking; note that he walked with his feet directly forward. Top right you see the variant foot of another Sasquatch, cast by Bailey who found the footprints. Note how the first and second toe are massive digits, widely separated, while the same toes on the first foot are more frail and seem to be almost joined by a membrane. While man’s toes are grouped in 1-4 sets, these are divided into 1-1-3.

Bottom left is the footprint of a gorilla where the first toe as the thumb, still opposes the other toes, barkening back to the treeclimbing past.

In the center you see the crescent-shaped foot of a very pigeon-toed walker, found and cast by Osborn.

In the right bottom corner you have the footprint of a Yeti in the Himalayas, who is locally called Meh-Teh. Observe how short and stubby it is, how totally different from the others. Here we have proof that there are a number of bispecies of the Sasquatch.


In a book on Nepal I found photographs of natives of the Chitwan Valley, who have unusual feet, one-and-a-half size larger than our average foot, though the tribesmen are of our height. There was one sitting, his crescent-like foot facing me, which I drew here for you.

Finally, a very small foot of a thirty year old woman cretin. The big toe and foot itself are separated, barkening to a treeclimbing, apeoid past.


Among ancient carvings of the Dorset Culture of the Point Barrow region in Alaska, this mask was discovered which white men assume is an imaginary Devil. But you can plainly see that this is a portrait of a local Sasquatch. Incidentally, in the vertical lines we have a marvelous document. They were carved there to let us know that this creature, like the ancestors of the Alaskan Eskimos, also saved himself from the Deluge, for any lines, vertical or horizontal, represent “waters”, hence the Great Flood. There is still another pictograph, besides the vertical draining-off of muddy water. It is the horizontal line just below the nostrils which, by being placed above the water level, tells us that his breath, his SOUL, was saved.


yetisyn_rysunek76xIn the Grotte de Pape, France, a small Cro-Magnon bone carving was excavated, representing a Sasquatch female, mindless, chinless, but scowling at you.















Sasquatch Mother of God

Easter Island (Mata Weri or “Mother of Worship”) had, prior to its present submergence the Lioness as its totemic coat of arms and wherever the escaping diluvials saved themselves, the verbal myth about the Great Lioness was retained. On the American twin continents there were no lions, so the descendants likened the Mythic Cat to jaguars or pumas (Prolong “Bu Ma” means “God’s Mother”). In Scandinavia and Etruria (pre-Roman Italy) they took the she-wolf, in earliest China the tiger.


This is the only reproduction of this sculpture I have seen and I cannot tell the sex from it. However, knowing what to expect I can effortlessly explain who this is. It represents the breastless (virginal) Mother of the Dawn God. Her arms are intentionally absent to convey that she is helpless against the Dragon (geologic upheavals) and the Serpents of Flood it brings forth. Not knowing what lions look like, this American sculptor chose the Sasquatch female as the appropriate gigantic being to represent the anthropomorphic Great Lioness of Easter Island.

Of all the tribes of ancient Mexico only the Olmecs began and continued the use of the Sasquatch to picture the Mother of the Dawn God and the God himself. Let me hint here again at the affliction called acromegaly, illustrated some pages back and explained in the encyclopedia as a human nervous disease, but which I think is a throwback to the Manape ancestry of these Yetinsyny.

A long chapter in my Zermatism is dedicated to the reliefs discovered in Mount Alban, Mexico, in the so-called Temple of Dancers, which actually portray spastics and syphilitics who, being cretinous, resembled in the mind of the Aztecs the Sasquatch Mother of the Dawn.


Here you see a tiny sample, the Mother of the Dawn arrested in a frog-like floating. Her head is surrounded by curls, emulating the verbally remembered mane of the Great Lioness. Above her head, like a pointed helmet, we see the pictograph of Easter Island which she personifies, being attacked by the seawaves of the Pacific and Atlantic, as conveyed by the contra-whirling pictographs. Just above her forehead, between the two horizontal water lines, a diadem was placed with a pierced disc in the center. This is the Bi, which means that she was “killed” by the Deluge.

This Sasquatch-faced Mother of the Dawn is about to raise her Sasquatch Son into the heavens to shine with his first two rays protruding from his forehead. Traditionally, like the Polish Baby and the British Sheila-na-gigs, she is baldheaded, as always serving as a Rebus for Protong “Li Ze” which means that she represents the “Flooded Land”.

At her left I drew a small image of her Son, the Saviour. Between his hands he holds a glyph, the Diagonal Cross, which everywhere on the globe has the same meaning: Mother.


The Dawn God, crying for his Mother. Why are his limbs so short? Because babes are always shortlimbed. This is what Sasquatch babies must look like.


One of a number of mound-like carvings, from whose cavity emerges the Sasquatch-faced, virginally breastless Mother, presenting to the world her Son, the infant Dawn. On his body he has two Diagonal Crosses, one for his Mother, Easter Island, and one for her “husband” submerged in the Atlantic region, Oce On.


For your comparison, here is a preroman Italian medallion with the mask of Medusa. Below it the sculptor placed the twin Diagonal Crosses, like the Olmec sculptor. The traditional granules, always seen on ancient coins, are actually pictographic air bubbles, for Medusa is deluged and from her and her yet unborn Son’s hot bodies, the gasses rose as bubbles. From the shallow Easter Island pictograph atop her head radiates the Dawn’s glow. Her tongue is a Rebus (compare TONATIUH).


My reconstruction of the frightfully eroded bronze shield of Medusa, in the collection of the Smithsonian Institute Museum. Protong “Me Dusa” means “Me Chokes”, i.e. with emotion, for this again is the pictographic presentation of the deluged Mother of the God of Dawn. Easter Island.


Here she is, the Great Lioness (note her tail, bottom left), pushing forth her Son, the Dawn, that he depart from her and make his daily journey across the firmament.

The infant is Sasquatch-faced.

This is one of over fifty carved slabs in front of the main mound at Dainzu, Mexico, dating from the first century B.C.


A little pottery head from Aztec Mexico. It is the Sasquatch-faced Dawn God, with the first twin rays of light radiating from his head. In my collection.


Please find the page with my elaboration on the photograph of the Sasquatch, keep your finger there and compare the illustration with this one. This is the Dawn God, an anthropomorphic being, walking to the right (towards sunset). He has butterfly wings to point out his daily reincarnation. With his right arm he presses the “dzida” (spear) to his body, which is rebusal for “Dzi Da”, meaning that he is the “Day Giver”. Note that his arms are very long, but that his elbows are on the same level with his genitals, which means he has the exceedingly short torso of the Cro-Magnon man and the Sasquatch. Atop his head the Solar Disc was placed in the form of a bright yellow blossom.

Olmec, excavated at Hacienda las Victorias, Salvador.

In Juxtlahuaca, Mexico, a cave was discovered with mysterious frescoes.

Behold the Dawn God, a veritable giant. Before him sits piously a bearded Human. The God has the unbelievably long arms of the Sasquatch, holding in one a bow while with the other he presents the Human with the totemic White Eagle which is the pictograph of priesthood, his messengers.

Across the God’s chest horizontal lines were painted, representing the deluging seas. On his long arms we see air bubbles. His head, left shoulder and leg are covered with the skin of the Great Lioness, for he is her Son. The skin has its own Bi, to tell that she was killed by the Deluge. Painted approximately 600 B.C.


Gigantic heads like this one, taller than a man’s height, are found in many places in Mexico, Colombia, etc. They are portraits of the Dawn God, a custom similar to erecting crosses, to remind the worshippers of the Superhuman Divinity and his readiness to die in order to save the deluged Mother. But the features are those of the Sasquatch.


An altar of a temple dedicated to the Dawn God, still a crawling infant. From his head radiate four cardinal rays forming the preChristian cross. Above his forehead the mask of the Great Lioness is seen, without a mouth, to indicate that she is breathless, dead. The same mask is always seen on the heads of Aztec-Mayan kings, as to hint at their descendance from the same Mother. Above her towers a pictographic creature, giving us more facts about her. The tongue (see TONATIUH) tells that she is in a “Land Towards Elsewhere”, while the two hands on the shoulders make the Dawn Greeting gesture. Before its chest we see a bundle of kindling wood (Polish “drzewo”) which Rebus informs us that she is “Where Water”.



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